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Integrated with R&D, production and international trade, Sunrise Group Corporation serves both the domestic and overseas markets. We headquartered in Ningbo, China and own 3 affiliated plants, 2 labs and offices in the United Kingdom and Japan, with a global distribution network in 46 countries. We have a workforce of over 580 employees and 5 business segments that generate a sales revenue of $3.6 billion in 2022.
Over 580 employees
$3.6 billion
5 main businesses areas
Committed to producing APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates to improve human health in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and skin care products.
Animal Health
Committed to producing veterinary preparations, developing and producing alternatives of antibiotics to improve animal health in aquaculture and cattle farming
Plant Protection
Committed to developing and producing environmentally friendly fumigant to promote green agriculture industry; U.N. charted production certificate of methyl bromide
Committed to distributing with reliable channels, creating values for partners and providing technical support, safety guarantee, quality control and financial service
International Trade
Focused on basic chemicals, channel-based business model, cooperation on the industry
Our History