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Linhai Jianxin Chemical Co., Ltd.

We are focused on the R&D and manufacturing of API and preparations of pharmaceuticals. We have realized pipage transportation, enclosed production, automated operation and digitized management in all product lines. We actively develop new-generation fumigants. We make great efforts to make a difference in plant protection and green agriculture industry.

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Trimethylsulfonium Bromide
Yunnan Sunrise Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We are focused on standardized cultivation and targeted marketing for panax notoginseng. Relying on our highly effective disinfectant, soil fumigation technology and independently developed technology of continuous cropping for panax notoginseng, we have successively reduced the 20-year fallow period to 1 year. By sustainable innovations, we keep pursuing better quality and higher yield. We are committed to providing premium raw materials and products for bio-medicines and the health industry.


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