Zhejiang Sunrise Pharmachem Co., Ltd. Starts Operation: Dedicated to Modern Services in Dangerous Chemical Storage and Logistics
Safeguarding the Sustainable Development of SunRise Group’s Supply ChainLearn More
Seizing Opportunities for Far-reaching Development | Sunrise Group Successfully Concludes CPHI Barcelona
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Sunrise Group Achieves Impressive 75th Ranking Among the Top 500 Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Companies in 2023
Sunrise Group clinched the 75th position on the list of the Top 500 Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Companies.Learn More
A Rapid Growth in Triethylamine Demand is Expected Due To The Accelerated Development of New Energy Automobiles
The market for electric vehicles (EVs) has grown rapidly in recent years. Triethylamine, as a crucial component for EVs power battery materials, is expected to grow at a fast pace.Learn More
Sunrise Group among the world's top ten chemical distributors
Sales revenue of US$3.6 billion, only Chinese enterprise to feature in ICIS Top 10 Chemical Distributors list. Company officially expands into the pharmaceutical sector following a strategic acquisitionLearn More
Sunrise Group Annual Report
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Sunrise Pharmachem Logistics Center Pile Foundation Project Is Officially Launched!
Sunrise Pharmachem will deliver better service to help chemical enterprises and make contributions to global availability in the top-notch pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.Learn More
2022 Sunrise Group’s Semiannual Report
The global COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc, triggering widespread unrest and severe international crisis. Facing this issue, Sunrise Group keep in mind the original aspiration of seeking progress while maintaining stability. We have completed the semiannual goals depicted in the 2021 business plan with a joint effort of the whole team.Learn More
Sunrise Link
Sunrise Link is a one-stop service platform launched by Sunrise Group to enhance customer experience.leveraging on industry-leading technologies such as 66 Express and ERP systems, Sunrise Link penetrates the market and provides one-stop services by diving into customers’needs.Learn More
Ethylene glycol – an Overview
Ethylene glycol (CAS No.: 107-21-1) is a colorless, odorless, low-toxic transparent liquid at room temperature and completely miscible with water and acetone. It is a key raw material of the petrochemical industry, referred to as "MEG" or "EG". Learn More
愿人间芳华,岁岁年年长安康,端午安康。端午节是中国四大传统节日之一。传统文化沉淀在食物里、习俗中。佩香囊、品粽子、挂艾草、栓五彩缕……公司在端午节的前一天,准备了传统游戏和不同口味的粽子。Learn More
Sunrise Group among Top Ten ICIS Global Top 100 Chemical Distributors
NEW YORK, May 23, 2022 - Sunrise Group, a leading chemical distribution firm headquartered in Ningbo, China, is ranked in tenth (10th) place on the 2022 ICIS Top 100 Global Chemical Distributors list and fourth (4th) place on the Asia-Pacific list. Learn More
立夏 | 怀念旧时光,你拄蛋了吗?
万物生长时,快乐与时光同行。立夏是农历二十四节气中的第7个节气,夏季的第一个节气,又称“春尽日”。在宁波一带有“拄蛋”习俗,手持鸡蛋,尖者为头,圆处为尾,头撞头,尾击尾,斗破壳为输,留下不破者为胜。Learn More